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Holiday Letters to Congress (help wild horses and the land they stand!)


Fight for our wild horses and the land they stand!

As thoughts turn to family and friends this holiday season we ask that you remember to send your “seasons greetings” to your members of Congress. This time of year Congress tends to short cut many debates to pass legislation quickly between the Thanksgiving and end of year recesses. Public participation has a tendency to drop off as the public has immediate concerns of a more personal nature.

We make it easy to shoot off a couple of fast notes to Congress on two important issues! Just click and send and check off your “holiday card list” to Congress!

1. The budget debate for 2020 spending is pivotal for wild horse and burro management throughout the US. Increases in spending ($5 million from the House, $35 million from the Senate) have been heavily influence by big corporate money and will bring devastation to our wild ones. The funding is being approved without any scrutiny of the BLM Report to Congress that is now 5 months late on delivery! This increase in funding will not fix one single deficit in management practices; it accelerates the broken machine and creates the largest removals in US history, experimental procedures like spaying and other methods of sterilization that will have drastic impacts on herd behavior. In addition, it promotes gutting public voice and increasing lazy analysis of proposed actions (increasing issues on range, not fixing them). Please take action. Just click here to send your letter! 

2. Mining Reform is long overdue. On Oct 23rd the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2019 was passed by the House. Now it sits in the Senate (S. 1386) awaiting debate and a vote. Laws governing mining have been relatively stagnant since 1872 and leave the public with very few tools to hold the industry accountable. The old rules allow massive amounts of ore to be removed from public lands without the public receiving any appropriate remuneration and then leave the taxpayer with massive bills for cleaning up things like arsenic in waterways. In addition, simply holding them accountable to simple speed limits on dark dirt roads is almost impossible as wild horses and burros get hit by truck traffic, labelled a safety hazard and then are removed. If a mine wants to move into wild horse territory there is very little we can do to stop the devastation. Just click here to send your letter! 

These are two easy notes to send off this holiday season. WHE will have more fast “Seasons Greetings” for you to send to your legislators as you prepare for your holiday, taxes and winter storms.

Thank you for being an active advocate for our wild ones and the land they stand! 


Holiday gift ideas for the wild horse lover in your life : https://bit.ly/38alUcd

Help us stay in the fight!




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