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A Band That Got Away (Desatoya)

A Band That Got AWAY

At the end of the day a group came into the valley, moving from the chopper. They stopped. I wished I could tell them just to move closer to where I stood, the chopper would not come in. But they left. First stopping to watch the helicopter.

The chase began in earnest. But the crafty stallion and the wise mare headed around the curve and back up into a draw. The chase ended and the were still free that night.

May they escape capture tomorrow. 

Our observer was in field at Desatoya and is out again today. 

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Desatoya roundup updates: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/12/06/desatoya-roundup-2019/

Please contact your reps in Congress this week.  NO new funding until the BLM releases their long overdue report and appropriate scrutiny and debate occurs. The public deserves to participate in fully informed debate before tens of millions more of taxpayer dollars are used to decimate populations of wild horses. In addition, under apparently corrupt leadership BLM is forwarding a private agenda in contravention of the law.

We make it easy with a click and send!Just click here to send a simple letter to your reps! HERE. 

If you want to write a longer letter? A WHE member wrote one that is published here for you to use! HERE. 

Our representative is back out n the field today. To keep our field, legal, planning, educational teams running every dollar counts in these tense times. Thank you!



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