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Roundup UPDATE and an Important Call

Dec 8: 35 were captured. Last day at this trap. Long intervals between runs as BLM attempted to remove the wild horses from the grazing allotments near Smith ranch. (See full roundup updates at this link HERE)

Please make this call this week! Consolidation of the House spending bill (additional $5 million for BLM Wild Horse and Burro program) and the Senate bill ($35 million) is underway. The BLM has still not released their Report to Congress! The report is now 5 months late!

The additional funding is not based on an open and transparent debate on a federal report concerning a federal program. The entire funding debate has been based on demands by corporate lobby efforts. Cattlemen’s Beef Ass’n, Public Lands Council, HSUS, etc. have divided the “wild horse taxpayer pie” and the agenda is not a “fix” for the program, it runs it to collapse. The largest removals in US history, sterilization, massive holding funds of tens of millions each year to be funneled through a corporate shill org (American Mustang Foundation). Not one flaw in range management, understaffed offices, data deficits, management planning, is addressed!

In addition the BLM Chief is under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General for operating to forward the desires of his former clients like the Wyoming stock Growers Ass’n. Massive conflicts of interest are present. (WHE filed the complaint, more HERE.)

Please make the call! NO new funding until the BLM releases their long overdue report and appropriate scrutiny and debate occurs. The public deserves to participate in fully informed debate before tens of millions more of taxpayer dollars are used to decimate populations of wild horses. In addition, under apparently corrupt leadership BLM is forwarding a private agenda in contravention of the law.

We make it easy with a click and send!Just click here to send a simple letter to your reps! HERE. 

If you want to write a longer letter? A WHE member wrote one that is published here for you to use! HERE. 

Our representative is back out n the field today. To keep our field, legal, planning, educational teams running every dollar counts in these tense times. Thank you! Red-Make-a-difference-donate-button



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Desatoya roundup reports: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/12/06/desatoya-roundup-2019/

Complaint filed with OIG against BLM Chief Pendley: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/11/04/breaking-complaint-filed-against-pendley/

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