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This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism and Corruption are Ruining the American West (and our wild horses are in the book, review revisit)


Back in May we published our pre-release review of This Land, How Cowboys, Capitalism and Corruption are Ruining the American West.

A revisit of the book, by Laura Leigh

When Christopher Ketcham was working on his book I often met up with him, helped with technology and transport. If you read his book he is not a “techno” guy, at this time no social media pages, and drove in an old Subaru or rented car (not truck). The video above is from one of those visits. Still trying to get Ketcham to make a social media page to post all the videos and images, no luck so far.

I took him to where the big cats were killed during that trip in the video… 

From our review (click text to read full review): To see wild horses included in This Land as a part of the collective feels like a milestone. For many of you that have been advocating for protection of our wild horses, and to preserve the tiny fraction of our public land they can legally occupy, you will as well.

The book is getting rave reviews in the media. Wild horses continue to be mentioned as part of the collective of our public lands in reviews of the book, like this one from Outside Magazine. 

Many of our readers purchased copies of the book before it was even released. Their reviews are coming back. 

“As I read Christopher Ketcham’s new book ‘This Land’ his words threw me back in time to my college years, when I was inspired by the writers before him who challenged us to treasure and fight for nature, such as Aldo Leopoldo and Rachel Carson. Chris makes me want to join a protest with his fighting words for our public lands and the wild that live upon them. He writes with a compelling sense of urgency as climate change is upon us, showing us the forces of greed, who are determined to ruin the very lands that could help us turn the tides against climate change. If only our government would truly “manage” these lands instead of letting private for profit corporations have their way with them instead.

I was thrilled to see our public wild horses on our public lands included in a book, for the first time ever that I am aware of. I couldn’t stop reading.” ~ Beth Quigley Lauxen, WHE board member.

“The cruelty of our federal agencies to the land, animals and people leaves me speechless. Wild horses, run by a helicopter as babies drop, horses break neck and legs, has always been something I dread hearing about. To read about all of it with the wolves, the trees, the bears, the horses, in one book is both devastating and brilliant.” ~ Shasta Lynn, a WHE reader.

“My sister sent me a copy with the pages on wild horses marked. More and more people each day are waking up to the devastation occurring on our land and the tragic chapter we are in now with our wild horses. I can only read this book in small doses, the whole is almost too much to take. Bravo.” ~ Marie Milliman, WHE board member.

Our wild horses and burros are a part of public lands. They are the only animals in our nation legally defined by the land they stand on, not biology. Their entire existence, even issues of abuse, lie in the law books on public lands. Nothing about the wild horse exists in the realm of the saddle and bridle, the law books on domestics. (The short video below gives you a fast overview, from the article HERE.)

This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West On July 16 the book This Land went on sale. It can be ordered from Penguin-Random House , on Amazon. at Barnes and Noble.

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