2019; The Fight for the Wild, it’s “blame the horse” corruption

The video above is a very fast overview of the wild place. Our wild horses are the only animal in our nation legally defined by the land it stands. Instead of protecting the wild horse and it’s habitat, BLM repeatedly blames the wild horse for it’s failures.

BLM has been approving industry expansion (livestock and mining) at an extremely rapid rate. BLM is planning massive fencing projects (we will be commenting, writing articles for you, and preparing to litigate) throughout HMAs further increasing risks to the long term survival of our wild horses.

In news stories you might hear of a fence being knocked down by wild horses and crops being eaten (recent KUNR story), but you never hear about “why?” the wild ones did it. They never tell you about the trespass rancher, the fencing projects that cut the wild horses off of critical habitat in the HMA and all the waters (on public lands) that BLM has allowed to be shut off or go into disrepair.

Wild horses are survivors. They are trying to figure out how to simply survive as government mismanagement creates absolute cruelty and abuse on the range.

In 2019 the fight for our wild, wild horses has reached a critical juncture.

Decades of inept, corrupt federal land management, that uses wild horse removals to reward law breaking permittees, has led to a critical juncture. Corporate interests have sold out the wild to serve their own interests in the “Alliance, Path Forward” document crafted by Chris Stewart (R-UT).

That document has deep and corrupt roots and has been carried forward by BLM Deputy Directors with deep ties to the “extremism movement” in public lands. Brian Steed crafted the document as he worked as Chief of Staff for Stewart, then took a chair in the “Deputy Director” game of BLM under this administration.

WHE has filed a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The complaint moves forward.

BLM has been involved in some hefty backdoor, hidden, corrupt, deal making in on ground management actions, not just in DC political poker.

Our teams have been actively documenting the actions, and BLMs refusal to allow public, transparent, participation. Our outreach team has been delivering our reports to both House and Senate members. Investigations have begun into multiple actions of the BLM; refusal to release FOIA information, refusal to include all stakeholders, refusal to stop degradation of range conditions by trespass livestock, etc. We will have more for you soon.

Our teams are out and working hard and fast. Our legal cases opened roundups to the public, drove a humane policy (that we are working to make stronger), stopped roundups before they happened. Our on ground teams are addressing the myths being used by multi-million dollar lobby groups to push Congress to destroy our last truly wild, wild horses.

We want to bring you more videos like this, site specific to the hardships created by corruption that then blames it all on the wild horses. Can you help us expose the truth of the wild? We are bringing it to lawmakers, we need your help to get it out to the public and media. Share the information, call your legislators and ask for an investigation into corruption in the BLM.

We are preparing to launch a new media campaign and litigation.


Help us stay in the fight. 





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