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One Left; fast Devils Garden Update

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Devils Garden roundup (lead by USFS, includes BLM land) of 2018

Last year, around this time, the wild horses from Devils Garden gained a lot of attention as the United States Forest Service (USFS) began planning to remove 1000 wild horses (HERE). You can read the planning document HERE.

932 wild horses were captured.(history on Devils Garden, capture and what comes next HERE).

Entering into a “public/private partnership” with the Farm Bureau, USFS built corral they named “Double Devil.” Older wild horses were kept at the corral and became controversial after the USFS stated they would sell the final horses “without limitations,” meaning they could be sold to slaughter. USFS is held to the parameters of the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act (as is BLM). USFS currently offers adoption or sale (with limits).

Laura Snell ran last years operation and it appears she will run the one this fall. Target has been preliminarily set at 500-1250.

“Things are much better than they were a year ago,” said (Laura) Snell. With two permits being deemed complete non-use for cattle grazing in the Modoc National Forest due to wild horse populations, ranchers in the area have been hit hard by the lack of initiative in previous years. However, Snell was happy to report that conversations are being had between the Forest Service and local permit holders to allow cattle back onto those permits this year. With just over 900 head of horses being removed from the permits, the opportunity for cattle to once again utilize the range is becoming the light at the end of tunnel for many in Modoc County, California.

Only one horse remains at Double Devil. This is a short article with hopes someone can help him land safe. (UPDATE: Since the writing of this piece, this horse was homed. The FB post has been changed by the group that runs the page.)


Last horse at Double Devil. Photo from DD FB page. Click image for more info on this 13 year old gelding.

Younger wild horses were transferred to BLM. Early in the operation, last year, BLM confirmed the wild horses transferred to them would be branded and vaccinated and put up for adoption, through BLM. You can access some of them soon on the internet adoption page HERE. (slideshow below of some of the younger wild horses transferred to BLM at Litchfield)

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Just as last year, USFS is planning the next removal of wild horses from Devils Garden.

However, this year the planning stage of the operation is not receiving the same attention.

USFS plans to remove another 1000 this fall, with no changes from last years operation.


Multiple removals are currently in the planning stage. Some of them have already gotten approval.

Our legal team is addressing several underlying factors, our field team is hard at work obtaining the data to fight back with, and it appears litigation will be filed soon. We are looking at the best options and our resources. Help us stretch the legal fight. Thank you.



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