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Roundups: Pine Nut Update and more

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Triple B Mare and foal pair can be adopted together. Foals will not be available as single adoptions for a few months.

Roundup “season” is underway.

Wild horses from the Triple B roundup are now processed and marked with brands and tags. (You can see roundup updates HERE) We are putting together an extensive slideshow of wild horses from Triple B, tag numbers, and matching several to images from the roundup. We have a massive backlog of people hoping for pics of their adopted mustangs from holding and roundup. We are hoping that doing these catalogues will help folks in their search to adopt, or for photos after they adopt.

BLM has said the foals are too young to separate and can only be adopted in mare/foal pairs at this time. Please keep that in mind if considering adoption.

Pine Nut Update:

As wild horses arrived from the Pine Nut roundup stallions and mares will be kept separated. Mares and foals call to each other from separate pens. BLM does not ship foals and adults together (usually) for safety. Later today they will be reunited.

Pine Nut roundup update: operation continued from the February roundup cancelled due to weather. BLM targets 250 in this phase. We expect this operation to move slowly. 

Monday July 29:

captured: 21 [10 Stallions, 7 Mares, 4 Foals], no deaths

shipped to PVC: 13 [9 Stallions, 0 Mares, 4 Foals]

Tuesday July 30: 

captured: 3 (3 Studs, 0 Mares, and 0 Foals)

shipped: 11 [4 Stallions, 7 Mares, 0 Foals]

Wednesday July 31:

captured: 6 [3 Stallions, 3 Mares, 0 Foals]

died: one black mare broke her leg.

Thursday Aug 1:

captured: 6 [2 Stallions, 4 Mares, 0 Foals]
shipped: 11 [4 Stallions, 7 Mares, 0 Foals]
released: 1

Total for phase 2: 36 captured, 1 released, 1 dead. 


Please note multiple removal operations are in process, or begin this week, targeting over 2000 wild horses and burros. More HERE.

You can learn more about the challenges we are facing today in this 5 minute video short and brief article. click HERE.



Photos below of Pine Nut wild horses. “Tag catalogue” of Triple B coming soon (we are matching tags from multiple visits and roundup footage).

The “F” or “FC” that you see on the neck or withers is a fertility control brand. It used to be accompanied by a unique hip number to track in the wild. The state of NV is the only state in the nation that caved to pressure from state interests and will not brand a unique number to assist in darting on range, data collection, and record keeping anymore. BLM has obstructed advocacy efforts in many areas to continue to dart, leading to removals only. BLM, on its own, is abysmal at retreating.  It should be noted that all roundup operations occurring at this time have no temporary fertility control component. (Please remember ranchers filed litigation to stop fertility control, they only want removals. More on that soon.)

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