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Circa does a wild horse “story.”

Circa news came out in April for a story on wild horses.

In April we met Joce Sternman of Circa news on the range and took her out to Stone Cabin. It’s great that wild horses are staying a news point.

We want our readers to know that we do give the entire story to journalists, but we do not edit the product. A few points we know our readers will find still missing from a news story on wild horses. We know you get frustrated.

Unfortunately this story does not break new ground, a bit of fertility control and then it’s all “after the roundup” and “too many horses.”

We are still looking for a venue that will do a deep policy dive, NEPA reform, and how that translates into reality. Multiple ruse is running full steam and destroying public lands.

We did tell them “do a FOIA,” ( Freedom of Information Act Request) and under current politics no one will answer any “hard question.” They do mention that in this piece.

This is a pretty typical piece. But if you watch it closely and listen, you can see there is an interesting subtext.

In the subtext it seems almost as if the livestock industry feels no responsibility to the larger picture of public lands because they “make a living” off public lands. Many people made “livings” they can no longer work in because the industry is now obsolete. Less than 3% of meat in the US at a loss to the tax payer of over a billion in the last decade? Maybe taking a bit of responsibility would be a more graceful approach when you make a living heavily subsidized by the tax payer? Sounds much better than “golly, kill the horses is the only thing we can do.”

You can watch the 22 minute piece here: https://bit.ly/2x4WlYW


2018B_ll_0912 - 1 (3)

We are just in from Muddy Creek Roundup: 35 captured today. Total for two days is 139. One death; foal kicked by stud after capture yesterday.

We are editing video. Muddy Creek continues tomorrow. Eagle being later this week. Owyhee next week.

A note about what we have seen so far at Muddy Creek: whomever is working the Judas is releasing too slow. Two days of this operation we have seen horses look for a way out of the jute without the Judas guiding (the purpose of the Judas). Two pictures keep circulating from Sulpher of horses, not “run through barbed wire,” but of horses that escaped the trap and crashed into barbed wire. This group was actively looking for a way out. If they had broken through there was a very long drop off they could have fallen down. Maybe someone needs to make sure the guy working the Judas is paying attention?

We are prepping a legal protest on the mine that threatens an entire herd.

Can you help us stay in this fight?

Help us continue.


This is “big picture” time.

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