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Our beautiful wild horses that live in the heart of Pancake thank you all for taking the time to help us all speak for them and the wild place they live in. There is still time. Comments are due August 29th.

Wild Horse Education has made the issues that  threaten the Pancake HMA available to the public. We added a sign-on letter for those simply wishing to agree with our position letter (you can sign here). However we have received a few letters from those of you that took the time to craft one of your own. Crafting your own letter is how you exercise your voice. A voice in process that may be gone before you know it. (more here)

Pam as been a volunteer at Wild Horse Education for awhile. She took the time to “test her vocal chords” and crafted her own response to the mine EIS that threatens Pancake.

Brava!  Thank you Pam! Pam has been participating in our webinars for over a year. We wanted to take the time to thank her for all of her efforts to strengthen and reclaim her own voice for the wild horse.

You do not have to be an expert to have a right to ask questions and be heard. This process is for all. The more you exercise those muscles, the stronger they get.

We have also gotten many important comments added to our letter. We are surprised at some of those that signed in agreement. “Your argument is sound and reasonable. I support this action,” came from someone that operates deep in the realm of environmentalism that is not always supportive to wild horses, nor wild horse advocacy. That is also progress that should be noted.

You still have time to craft your letter or sign onto ours here. August 29 is the deadline. (LEARN MORE, documents and personal commentary)


Maria Ryan, Project Manager, BLM Ely District, Bristlecone Field Office,

702 North Industrial Way, Ely, NV 89301

RE: DOI-BLM-NV-L010-2013-0028-EIS (Gold Rock Mine Project)

Dear Ms. Ryan:

Statement of Pamela Chandler

On the Bureau of Land Management page entitled Public Involvement it states:

At almost every step in the development of the BLM’s land-use plans and their associated NEPA documents, the public has an opportunity to make its voice heard. Yet there was no appropriate engagement of effected wild horse interest attempted regarding the Gold Mine Project.

Where is the complete, scientific analysis of the impact to wild horses and their HMA in this EIS?

This project can expose wild horses to toxic solutions and hazardous materials including solutions for processing ore, petroleum, oil, lubricants that can be released through spills, and metals that can be released into the environment. This project would not be healthy for our wild horses, the abundant wildlife, land, water or air in and surrounding this HMA. Going forward with this project is not being environmentally responsible.

With the pumping of groundwater the vegetative productivity of wild horse forage would be adversely affected resulting in less forage for wild horses. There would also be less range, so less forage, available with the project proposal action of short-term loss of access to approximately 8,757 acres during construction and operation due to mine area fence.

Can the Bureau of Land Management guarantee that the above issues will not adversely affect our wild horses, in their HMA and the environment?

There would also be the effect of increased traffic and the increased risk of vehicle/wild horse collisions for the life of the mine. This analysis provides no model of vehicular collision risks.

I am requesting that a Supplemental Information Report (SIR), Supplemental EIS be prepared with an appropriate involvement period offered to those that face an impact by this project, but were omitted from appropriate notification, information request and time to respond.

The Bureau of Land Management Priority #3 states:

Restore trust and be a good neighbor

This incomplete EIS further erodes the Bureau of Land Managements credibility and the public trust. It does NOT evaluate the seriousness of the impact of the proposed mine project to our wild horses, their HMA and the wildlife.

“Those of us at WHE salute you Pam!” Good go on your first solo comment letter!

(LEARN MORE, documents and personal commentary)

Until August 31 a generous donor has offered to match contributions to 5K. We made a fast photo album of the wild horses at Pancake as our gift to you. Double your contribution and receive this free gift!

Click the image to contribute to our fight.


 Until August 31 a generous donor offering to match your contributions to 5K. We created a fast photo album on Pancake... hopefully these memories will not be all that is left. Thank you for helping us fight back.

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