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WHE offered funding match in fight for #wildhorses

2018_dhsc_0618 - 1 (50) copyWild Horse Education (WHE) needs your help to fight back against a well-funded machine rolling over your public land and wild horses.

  • BLM is moving forward with a dangerous spay experiment in Oregon. Wild mares will suffer horrible consequence as a political agenda runs “cowboy myth,” not science.
  • Herds like the one at Pancake are in danger of severe impacts that will destroy their homes. A massive mine is moving in that will make the heart of this herd truly unrecognizable. Your voice was excluded.
  • Massive threats to the NEPA process, where public voice guards the environment and public health, are underway.

WHE are at the frontline. We need your support. Through then end of August, for one week only, your contributions to our work will be matched up to $5,000. It is a small match, but it will keep us active in this fight! Our clock is running to meet the match and to meet this challenge. Please help us if you can.


Some of what we are doing:

Recent Press releases on spaying, the Gold Rock mine that will destroy the heart of the Pancake herd, and the threats to your voice. 341 organizations joined together to push back against NEPA cuts. https://www.publichorses.com/press-releases/

We apologize for this unpolished plea; we do not have paid staff.

Thank you.

Donors to this match will receive a simple memory digital magazine of Pancake. the e-version will go live shortly and you will receive your link via email notification.

Thank you!




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