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#PublicVoice for #WildHorses Threatened

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Encroachment on wild horse country is at an all time high. It’s time to elevate the voice of wild horse advocacy, not drag it back in time. 

As an advocate for wild horses your understanding of how to use your voice is critical.

For decades wild horse advocacy has been minimized, disregarded and, literally, laughed at. In many ways our interest becomes defined by how the human beings that represent that interest express, engage and conduct themselves. Your voice for our public horses is critical, how you use that voice is important.

The entire process of how we can engage public land policy is being threatened. That includes your ability to have a day in how wild horses are managed,

Over 100 threats to the NEPA process have occurred in this Congress alone.

Do you know what NEPA is?

An article for thought on our new interface Public Lands, Public Horses.  https://bit.ly/2vMfH4M

Next week we will take you on a deep dive into NEPA and explain one of the projects we are working on.


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