Dusting off WHE #PublicHorses


New interface for Wild Horse Education! Click image to go to our new website!

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has spent the last decade running from range, to meeting room, courtroom and back again. WHE spent a lot of time crafting a resume of advocacy we are proud of.

WHE has not spent much time working on the wrapper. We know that our public face needs a clean up. In a world that is all about “marketing and branding” that was last on our list of projects, the dirty work came first. WHE is not the “wine and cheese” soiree, we truly are the brown paper wrapper, with a kick. WHE have updated the way we will present on the internet.

Our current site contains nearly 32,000 articles, videos and images. Many people come here to use our search bar and dig into the history of wild horses and to understand, in-depth, modern day advocacy. The site has become a resource receiving from 1000-4000 views each day. The vast majority of visitors read an average of 6 articles while they are here. We are proud of the work on this site.

We will not be removing this website and will continue to use the blog feature on this interface so you do not need to do anything to stay up to date on the work of WHE. If we post a new feature in the new interface we will link to it in a posting that, if you have clicked the follow button on this site, you will receive the  notification in your inbox.

However, this site is one that folks reserve for when they have time to sit and access information. Most people want an interface that works  easily on a phone or table and delivers faster overviews of information today (the current site was built when many of our readers still used dial-up internet! We have not updated much since then. It is overdue).

The time has come to shake off some of the road dust, take off the brown paper wrapper and spend some time on the package, with a bow. In todays world it is not the resume people look at, it’s the package and social media.

click here to visit the “new WHE,” Public Horses

WHE has led a pathway with groundbreaking litigation that has actually changed policy. That work could only be created with countless hours out in the nowhere gathering first hand documentation as a foundation. That path left little time for the trimmings of modern day life that many others spent a lot of time with. We need to get “cleaned up.”

Our new interface, PublicHorses.org (.com works too!), marks a turning point for our work. We will have more on that soon!

We are working on adding a searchable library of legal material, roundup and holding photos as well as a searchable interface on open comment periods HMA by HMA, to the new site.

We hope you enjoy the new interface! Be patient with us as we construct the site… we have a lot of road dust to wash off.

click to go to our new interface… PublicHorses.org

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