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Pancake Bait Trap Delay; update

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Mare and new foal in the Pancake HMA

The Pancake bait trap operation began yesterday and has captured 20 wild horses that will ship to Broken Arrow. We have requested that the horses remain segregated until a public tour of the facility is arranged to provide the public an opportunity to assess the horses and facilitate a more organized approach to adoptions.

The removal of 250 wild horses has been suspended due to heavy rains. At this time the wild horses are not in imminent danger due to lack of water, Roundup scheduled with only three days notice: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/07/06/the-emergency-game-blm-goes-after-pankcake/

The wild horse and burro specialist provided us with this video taken as operations were suspended. BLM (and WHE) will continue to monitor waters in the area. WHE will notify BLM of any issues we encounter. BLM will notify us when the operation will begin again. It is expected that there will be no activity (trapping) for two weeks.If there is more rain? There may be no more emergency.

At this time our thoughts are on the Martin Fire. This is the largest loss of wild horse habitat in history. So far 440,000 acres have been consumed. We are updating the Martin fire page as information becomes available. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/07/09/martin-fire-owyhee-complex-wild-horses/

The Owyhee Complex is an area WHE has had extensive relationship with. Our hearts ache for the horses and wildlife. Our prayers stand with the firefighters.

Slideshow added 7/15 as we monitor rainfall and waters in Pancake.

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