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Notice to Readers; Content Migration

We are currently migrating all external content from Youtube and Vimeo to what will become a static page on this website. For any media members currently using the Youtube or Vimeo, with our permission, contact us and we will send you a compilation of B-roll footage of wild horses on the range and during roundup operations.

Content theft has become rampant in the last two years. People think it is “ok” to grab a still from a youtube and share for multiple purposes (including fundraising for individuals never present at roundups). Some in the public believe it is “ok” to crop out a watermark and do the same thing. It speaks to a problem of ethics way beyond the scope of the ethics issues we must address in range management practices that occupy the vast majority of our time.

Just because you may have found an image online does not mean it is not a stolen image or one you can simply grab and use. An easy way to find the creator is to drag and drop an image in a search engine. (This is also a helpful tool to see if someone online is who they say they are. Grab their images and drop in a search engine. Many of our military servicemen are having their photos ripped off and individuals making fictional online profiles from them.)

At this time it is creating a distraction to our work (as we receive email, PM, social media tag, by individuals concerned that our work is being disrespected).

This is an issue that many are facing, not simply in wild horse advocacy or our work. We have decided to simply move content to this page to make authorship obvious. 

We apologize for any inconvenience as we migrate content to a static page. Thank you.


When we began the work this organization is based on we posted content with a preface and end card (video) or statement under content (still image) of copyright. That is an industry standard of ownership. In the world of social media standard ethical practices are not adhered to. Our images now contain large watermarks across the center and all video has a running byline.


This video had received nearly 4 million views on youtube and was still attracting attention to the issues surrounding our wild horses. Unfortunately the video also attracted many content thieves. This year alone images grabbed from this video were sent to us over 2 dozen times by concerned readers. Video grabs of this content were used by another organization in a news piece. The content has now been pulled off of youtube.

We wrote an article about one photo and illustrated the number of times the image was used, unethically, by both “advocates” and proslaughter. You can click the image below to read.


Once again we apologize for any issues this may cause you as we migrate content.  Thank you for understanding.

All content will be reloaded with unmistakable marks throughout the entire video. We wish the days of a professional standard and courtesy would return. Sharing a link to content creators is a very easy way to help those actually creating content, to keep creating more content (engage policy, litigate). A note on BLM images are published with what is called  a creative commons license; a way authors license content so it can be shared and many site off a “CC” upload. CC still requires attribution. In the case of BLM you are supposed to attribute to BLM, regardless of who took the photo. (Use the “drop image in a search engine” tool to help determine authorship).

This commentary also includes those that copy and paste the written word without attribution. It is simply theft. Many news outlets have been forced to put up paywalls.

We have simple decided to move content to one location. The page will be in the menu bar as soon as all content is edited and loaded. Thank you for understanding.


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