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A Pad and a Pen, video 1

Wild Horse Education is a fast moving, boots on the ground, organization that takes our mission seriously. A big part of that mission is to educate the public, media, legislators and the courts.

We can not afford the public relations firms or hire film editing crews. We can’t even afford fancy editing software and do most of our work in default programs on second hand computers. Even the cameras we use in field are refurbished and purchased as used. But we manage with a bit of creativity to create new caselaw and even change policy.

Right now we are dealing wth legislators that have been handed a “bill of goods” produced by a well funded livestock lobby with friends in high places at the Bureau of Land Management. We do understand that this agenda will not give ground on any fact in a world that prefers the “alt” kind.

However this agenda is confusing the public and media. Over the last decade drawing simple pictures in the dust on a vehicle has been a very effective illustrative tool when we take media into the field.

With a camera, tripod, a bit of duct tape, a pad and a few markers, we simulated one of those illustrations for you. The video on social media is one minute long, this one is four and covers a few more facts about land base, forage and funds.

(If you enjoy this video you might like these articles on what we call the “deadly traps” of advocacy; slippery slope subjects: ONE, TWO.

Do you like this kind of illustration?

What would you like to see us do next? Comment below if you would like to see us do 1. Range Degradation 2. Our latest legal action 3. NEPA for wild horse advocates (yes, NEPA can be broken down into a 5 minute line drawing) 4. What is a romantic notion and why they are so dangerous in the West?…  or any subject pertaining to wild horse management.

For anyone that wants to learn more we have some simple handouts and a free E-zine at this link: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/04/06/handouts-and-pamphlet-wild-horses/

An action item that describes steps you can take to contact your reps about the budget bill are also at the link above. In 2018 there is an important midterm election and you need to know who your legislators are and how they respond to your concerns before you cast your vote in November.

Remember this is not rocket science, but it is a drama filled political swamp. Navigate carefully.




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