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Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday


WHE, fighting for the wild horse and the land they stand upon. The “wild,” wild horse, needs our help.

Cyber Monday, a day that internet retailers created to draw business online. #GivingTuesday, a designated day devoted to drawing attention during the holiday season to non-profits organizations, a gift not wrapped under a tree and given for a “greater good.”

Here at Wild Horse Education we have been the recipient of three generous offers; one for each of these days. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. We thank you for standing with us to fight for our wild horses and the land they stand on. 

On CyberMonday, if you shop online, can also choose Wild Horse Education as your charity of choice when you shop at Amazonsmile.com , a portion of the sale will be donated to us by Amazon.

Cyber Monday, November 27 (10 PM November 26 until midnight pacific time on November 27th) a generous supporter will match all donations made through Facebook or through our mailer. You can access the mailer here: http://wildhorseeducation.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/t/ABBABF1C77FDECC6

Giving Tuesday, November 28th the (Bill and Melinda) Gates Foundation will match donations made through Facebook. This one is a bit tricky. They will match up to $1,000 per distinct fundraiser and up to 50K for each nonprofit. The total the Gates foundation is donating on Tuesday will reach $2 million. The links to donate to these fundraisers will be on our Facebook page.


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Why WHE?

Over a dozen successful legal actions have brought not only an impressive track record on litigation, but changed management practices, policy and created legal precedent. These efforts opened the door for legal actions brought by others; wild horses advocates, public land interests and civil rights cases across the nation.

For over 40 years the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounded up wild horses and packed them into holding facilities without any policy that ensures the animals are handled humanely. Wild Horse Education is the only organization to bring issues of inhumane treatment into a courtroom and win ruling after ruling. After more than a million miles on the road, thousands of days observing government handling of wild horses and hundreds of hours litigating, we now have a humane handling policy and protocol for addressing infractions.

Range documentation gathered on wild horses and their habitat has stopped unjustified removals. Up-to-date and consistent monitoring of the range can, and does, create a basis for engaging policy makers and management plans. It makes a difference to the horse itself.

There are ways to hold land managers accountable to the law. WHE uses the courts and oversight agency engagement. Working with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Government Accounting Office (GAO) and recently an investigative team with the US House of Representatives (Congress) WHE works against the odds to fight corruption that traps wild horses on the range and sets up the thrumming helicopter that chases them into the trap.

Wild Horse Education is an organization of action. Help make 2018 a year of effective, relentless, action to protect wild horses and the land they stand on. Wild Horse Education has a mini resume here.


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Wild Horse Education was founded by award winning photojournalist/illustrator Laura Leigh.

“She has a detailed understanding of the law and a passionate desire to see wild horses treated humanely, and, because of this, she has dedicated her life to making sure the spirit of the Wild Horse Annie Law is carried out.” ~ Dave Philipps, Pulitzer prize winning author, writing about Laura Leigh in his book Wild Horse Country (2017).

“Her quick mind probably had something to do with her success in court. Since founding Wild Horse Education in 2011, she had filed more than a dozen successful lawsuits against the Department of the Interior and the state of Nevada over wild horse policies, including a landmark First Amendment case that forced the federal government to open wild horse round-ups to press access. A federal judge in 2013 declared her “the most knowledgeable journalist on wild horses in the world.” In a single year, she logged 112,000 miles on her truck crisscrossing western states to document round-ups. The Nevada Historical Society was so impressed they asked to paint her portrait, which was hung in 2016 in the society’s museum in Reno.” ~ Christopher Ketcham, journalist for Rolling Stone, Penthouse, Harper’s, writing for the Daily Beast  (2017).

“Rolling down the highway and off-roading among the sagebrush, her 9mm handgun tucked away for protection, blasting Metallica and the Boss on her truck stereo, she’s become a sassy Bruce Springsteen of the Nevada outback.” ~ John Glionna, career journalist for the LA Times, Scientific America, The Guardian, writing about Leigh for the Reno Gazette Journal (2016).

“Before these rulings the public and press were blatantly blocked from seeing and knowing what was happening to America’s wild horses and burros. From planning, to the range information, through the roundups and all the way to the animals end destinations much has been hidden. Laura Leigh’s Wild Horse Education opened the doors…” ~ Joe Camp, author of the Benji books, of the movie series fame, in Born Wild – The Soul of a Horse.

Without your support none of this work is possible. ~ Thank you.

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