Wild Horse Education

Wild Horses and the Fight for Humane Handling

The video above is from 2011

Wild Horse Education (WHE) began the legal battle to gain a humane handling policy for wild horses and burros. The battle began in 2010.WHE fought to gain access to document and won. WHE documented, relentlessly, and engaged. WHE did not just put up pictures, we acted. WHE won the first court orders in history against conduct. We continued to litigate and win.

In 2015 the first humane handling policy for wild horses protected under the 1971 Act was created and inserted into process. The policy is not everything we asked for, but it existed. The entire manner in which we can address conduct issues has changed. But do you know how it changed?

WHE were told it was impossible. We were told this by fancy expensive attorneys. We were told this by other organizations. It wasn’t impossible, we just had to do it.

Those wins are under threat. Do you understand the nature of the threats, where they come from and what we can do?

Today our attempts to “do” are impeded by those that say “can’t” or are addicted to the cycle of exaggerate and scream because it creates the attention they desire.

This coming Friday WHE will host a webinar at 6 pm. We will cover the history of our fight, how it has changed the picture and how our manner of advocacy can change much more. All donors over $30. will receive an invitation. The donation will help cover costs of the broadcast and preparation of materials.



We can create a better tomorrow, but we need to act.

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