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Reveille, Roundup Update 2017


Reveille ended today, February 3. During the release we had hail and rain, and a rainbow. Scroll to the bottom for more pictures.

The Tonopah Field office of the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) began the Reveille wild horse operation. 32 wild horses were captured in the first day.

The operation has set a target of 140-160 wild horses to capture with a release of 60-80 back to the HMA. About half the horses released are expected to receive a fertility control vaccine. BLM has set a post operation population estimate at 93 animals.

This area undergoes frequent removal operations due to a court order obtained by the livestock permittee.

Meaningful access to document handling at the trap was, politely yet definitely, limited. At the last operation at this trap, access was slightly better. There was no view of the trap, or any handling or loading, making appropriate engagement in the review of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) a “nonviable” operation for today’s observers. 2 youngsters fell behind the herd and were apparently roped.

The drive was also difficult to observe even with high powered optics.

We would like to add our well wishes to a member of the contract staff that was severely injured prior to the start of operations and had to be airlifted out. Prayers to you and your family.

Links to ongoing observation reports will be posted daily below the slideshow each day.

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Video Day 2

46 wild horses captured, total to date 78

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Day 3

Approximately 45 wild horses captured. Cumulative total 123.Horses shipped to Ridgecrest holding facility in California this morning.

First day handling at trap was observed. Snow fencing put up after the run. It should have gone up before the first group was captured.

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Day 4

22 year old mare captured yesterday with a small foal was euthanized. Foal will be transported to Ridgecrest for adoption.

28 captured today, total captured 151.

Last horse captured today has an injured rear leg. Nature of injury (old break?) will be determined by APHIS vet onsite. (Update, the stud was in his twenties and was euthanized Feb 3).

Day 5, Release

After horses were loaded to ship to Ridgecrest six (6) trailers full of wild horses were returned to the range. Thirty (30) mares were treated with PZP-22, Twenty-four (24) of them were retreats from the 2014 operation.

The weather was cold with rain and a bit of sleet. However all of the bad weather brought a rainbow. We have discovered at the end of the rainbow is a wild horse.

Now the real work begins to address process, protocol and work as hard as we can to create a better reality for our wild ones, they need us more than ever.

Wild Horse Education had volunteer and visitor this trip that is preparing her journal entry covering the experience and we will publish it as soon as she gets some rest and a chance to review all of her notes.

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All contributors over “Superbowl” weekend will receive an inspirational image of our wild horses and the rainbow (not featured above) suitable for printing. All contributors over $50. will receive an invitation to our “Reveille in Review” that will include an exclusive video presentation and an opportunity to speak with our founder, Laura Leigh, in an online webinar. Webinar is scheduled “pre-game,” 2 PM Pacific time. Click the link below to participate.


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