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An “Unadoptable” Story Makes National Magazine

Natural Horse Magazine included a story of a “three strike mustang” adopted by Wild Horse Education (WHE) volunteer Marie Milliman.

Click this link or the picture below to go to the pdf version adopter-to-mustang-maniac


Earlier this year we published a story about Marie and her “unadoptable” Stone Cabin mustang. We published the story to demonstrate who, not what, the BLM Advisory Board recommended killing to simply sweep the errors in management under the rug and run the train down the broken track.

You can read the earlier story here:

THE FACE OF AN “UNADOPTABLE,” A Stone Cabin wild horse

Marie Milliman, WHE volunteer journalist (Marie attended the Advisory Board meeting and will be doing a few articles on her experience for WHE. But her adoption of an “unadoptable” seemed the most appropriate place to begin)

Meet Hallelujah, and yes, her “sisters” names are, Glory and Grace. Corny, maybe? How I feel as an unadoptable Mustang guardian, proud and grateful. >>> CLICK TO READ MORE

A big thank you to Natural Horse and Marie! Awesome job!


Marie and Hallelujah


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