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Video: One month on the road for wild horses, winter 2016

Just like every nonprofit in the world this time of year can make or break efforts, for the next year and a long time to come. End of the year fundraising is a necessary part of the work WHE must do in order to stay in this fight to protect our wild horses from abuse, slaughter and to keep them free on the range.

WHE runs a rough road to learn, educate and advocate fro the range up. People change truths to forward agenda, the wild horses always tell us what we need to know to advocate for a better world for them. We run that road.

WHE spends very little time on any social scene. We hold no fancy parties, attend no fancy galas. Time is precious as this fight to protect and preserve our amazing wild horses intensifies, perhaps like at no other rime in history. Time that must be spent gathering real world data and engaging every opportunity as effectively as possible.

We can not do any of this without your support.

There are many ways to help the work of WHE; direct donation (with some cool thank you gifts), through holiday shopping with iGive or AmazonSmile or through the purchase of one of our t-shirts/sweatshirts (only one week left!) You can see all of the options by clicking HERE

We thank you so much for helping us accomplish all we have; the ONLY organization to litigate against inhumane treatment at roundups (repeatedly victorious in federal court), our 5 year First Amendment battle, stopping unjustified removals, adoption support and promotion, as well as engaging on range management strategies through in the ground data collection, conversation and implementation.

We MUST be able to step up our game in 2017. The lives of our wild horses, particularly the ones already removed from the range in holding, literally hag in the balance.

Can you help us this holiday giving season? btn_donatecc_lg1


We wish you all a wonderful holiday! ~ Volunteers at Wild Horse Education

We are working on our "year in review" and preparing the webinar. Click here for details.

We are working on our “year in review” and preparing the webinar. Click here for details.