Laura Leigh

Owyhee Wild Horse Roundup, Video Recap


The wild horses of the Owyhee Complex, 2016

A recap of Owyhee, so far, in video. Our frustrations with any pretense that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) pays any attention to concepts of “conversation and collaboration” with any party other than “profit driven exploitation,” are unfortunately intensifying.

At this juncture it is even unclear if BLM pays any attention to federal court Judges. When you sit on the ground it becomes very clear who is in control, and it is not BLM.

We have a lot of work to do. It was as if in one moment we were transported in time, backwards. As always we are preparing to travel whatever road we must. If BLM “can’t be a fair parent” in the room… the bullies take over.


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Links of interest:

The words of federal court Judge, the honorable Miranda Du, from the last operation under this very same EA (paperwork process, or NEPA)

Owyhee, Here We Go Again. Written just before the start of 2016 operations

Our field work to stop BLM from entering into an agreement with the McDrmitt tribe that would send the horses “off HMA” directly into the slaughter pipeline (2015), it was successful

Snowstorm, an HMA in Owyhee, where in 2013 BLM tried to remove horses during active litigation

Our work on the First Amendment violations within the BLM wild horse and burro program has been intense. The work included a court case that landed in the Ninth Circuit, twice. After nearly a year in mediation the state of Nevada made a promise to make observation that allowed the ability to assess the condition of wild horses during capture and handling a priority. At this juncture can BLM even be trusted to “remember” what they promise federal courts?

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“Having to take issues of access and the First Amendment into court for wild horses should never have to happen, in this country that should be seen as absurd. No matter how you feel about the issue itself, this nonsense is wrong.” ~ WHE founder Laura Leigh, in 2012


What a release looks like from the “agreed” upon area between BLM and contractor


What a release looks like from the spot we had to “argue” for. We saw one trailer released from this area and then the contractor had his wrangler release horses… where not even BLM could observe. Who controls actions? Who is in charge?