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WHE fast update, on road and at roundup

Fast update from the road: This time of year gets intense; roundups, weather and field work.

We have a journalist on the road with us and showed him many things. We gave him a broad picture of what the wild horse is, how it exists in theory and what being captive looks like. We anticipate a “full spectrum” and will share the link when it publishes.

A big thank you to Jim Schnepel of Wild Horses of America for arranging an opportunity to visit the Onaqui HMA and participate in the good work being done there. It gave a great perspective on what the wild horse is and a great discussion about addressing many aspects of management.


Onaqui, mare taking a midday nap

Next we traveled to the Owyhee Complex roundup. The reporter got to see just how hard it is to travel and document and just how lonely this road is. He saw the habitat, uses and captured wild horses.

AS of yesterday the total captured was 163, 2 deaths. When we have an exact count of today we will publish. Internet is ad and travel to and from the area can be in excess of 5 hours. We will publish another update as soon as time allows. Temperatures at the beginning of the day are below freezing and reach about 60 degrees…. the NV desert in fall.


Captured wild horses Owyhee Complex 2016

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You can read about some of our work at Owyhee here https://wildhorseeducation.org/?s=owyhee


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