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Meet Our Founder, NV Historical Society and a short “movie” clip

WaltWhitmanWild Horse Education (WHE) has been working on multiple projects from documenting roundups and continuing to engage to strengthen humane handling policies and engagement deep in the fight against those that want to takeover public land and kill our wild horses. The road ahead has challenges, just as the road behind us did. But together we can make change.


Laura Leigh honored by the Nevada Historical Society.

The Nevada Historical Society honored our founder Laura Leigh with a portrait done by the NV Portrait Society. The portrait was hung in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of Nevada Magazine. Leigh was one of several Nevadans honored. The last wild horse advocate to be”hung” at the society was Velma Johnson, Wild Horse Annie. In January Leigh will be “hung” at the State Legislature.

Leigh, as usual, was in field. She was not going to attend as issues on range were pressing. Cathy Ceci, above left, went out into the field and got her.

We are so proud of you Laura. It has been a very long journey and those of us at WHE are glad to share the miles with you.

Her portrait was hung a second time, in 2016, underneath that of a judge that helped us find justice against abuse. (that story HERE).

Meet our founder Laura Leigh.

WHE has a many new volunteers and board members. We will bring you updates from the range and introductions soon.

Creating new law of policy does not mean vigilance falls off, accountability must take place. A law that makes car theft illegal must be enforced and taken to court. It is the same with any law or policy.

You can learn more about our work in pour new web portal here: https://www.publichorses.com/our-impact

You can read more in the following profile pieces:




To help us continue to be where the wild horses need us most, and to push for this investigation, please consider helping cover field and legal expenses.


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