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Sarge and a limited update on Fish Creek

Sarge today

Sarge today

First and foremost Sarge is doing well. We want to address multiple rumors. Sarge was not gelded. Sarge is eating and does not (nor ever did) have a broken jaw. Sarge is alive. WHE posted this information last night and it seems that rumors are being perpetuated by multiple sources that do not have a positive outcome as the objective.

Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education (WHE) spent almost all day yesterday with Sarge and was with him again today. “People forget these are wild horses,” said Leigh, “I have seen broken legs heal and wounds that would have any domestic in critical care heal. Sarge has an unfortunate past that apparently had him removed from the range illegally not once, but twice, in his life. It has made him a very vulnerable target for those attempting to discredit the Fish Creek plan that is designed to gather information about the herd and create a management plan based on the realities of protection. ProSlaughter factions that want wild horses in holding sold off, that include Dave Duquette of Protect the Harvest and Kevin Borba Eureka trespass rancher that was a part of a court action that failed to stop the release of wild horses back to Fish Creek, have engaged in activities to confuse the public and that are also against the Federal Code of Regulations.”

photos below are of Sarge taken today.

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The message below from BLM, sent only in email, in response to inquiries reads:

“BLM is currently investigating the removal of the wild horse “Sarge” from public land; however we cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. I can tell you that it is illegal to provide food or water purposefully for wild horses outside of their Herd Management Area and it is illegal for an unauthorized person to remove a wild horse from public land.

As for the status of the wild horse “Sarge,” BLM staff transported him to the Eureka Fire Station the morning of Aug. 4 where a temporary corral was set up to await veterinarian evaluation. That afternoon, he was examined by a veterinarian from Eureka who determined that his health was too poor for him to return to the range on his own. On the morning of Aug. 5, Sarge was transported by BLM staff to the Palomino Valley Center (PVC) holding facility for wild horses located on Pyramid Lake Highway northeast of Reno, Nevada. Sarge’s next steps will be determined after he makes a full recovery at PVC. “
This story is ongoing and we will update as information comes in. There is an official investigation underway.
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