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Day 2 Reveille

Day 2 Reveille

Day 2 saw 29 horses captured North of the Herd Management Area (HMA). 8 mares, 8 youngsters and 13 studs. Yesterday 12 were captured bringing the total to 41. So far there have been no serious injuries. The only injury we have noted was to a yearling that hit her head on a trailer door. We viewed her up close and will see her again tomorrow. She is one of the wild horses that will be offered for adoption in Tonopah on Saturday.

Ten wild horses, 8 weanlings/yearlings and a mare and foal pair, were taken to the Rodeo grounds for processing tomorrow (branding, vaccines, coggins) in prep of the adoption event.

Removal operation will continue tomorrow north of the HMA. Off HMA wild horses are being removed due to court order. The goal is to release wild horses captured in the HMA after treatment with birth control and then a follow up that will collect additional data on the herd to assist with creating plans moving forward as new land use planning processes begin and prior to the release of the final National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recommendations (report was published last June). We will bring you the release and more info as we have it.

Below is a slideshow of the first two days at Reveille.

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To adopt one of these horses (that look like they will be good size and all have beautiful faces and need homes) go to:


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