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A visit to PVC, BLM Internet Adoption

Fillies available onsite at Palomino Valley Center

Fillies available onsite at Palomino Valley Center

The current BLM Internet Adoption has many wonderful horses. The online adoption event runs through March 17. Each horse is represented by a few words and pictures. But each has a story.

We will feature a few of the stories on the blog this week. But today we will just make a visit with our visitor!

Summer Brennan of Little Brook Farms in NY state came to visit. Some of you may remember the story of Amado and Summer. Here is an article on “Extreme Mustang Devotion” as the two prepared to compete in the Mustang Makeover Challenge in 2012: When the event was over Amado went home with Summer, albeit a few tense moments occurred when there was another bidder for the wild horse from the High Rock HMA.

Today Summer and Wild Horse Education founder Laura Leigh went to see some of the wild horses currently available for adoption. The facility can house nearly 2,000 wild horses and burros. Here are a few featured on the Internet adoption open for bidding NOW and some of those that can be adopted in person.

EDITED to add: We are getting a lot of inquiries as to how to bid on horses and adopt from BLM. Please see the BLM website for information:

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