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Heat Wave Creates Dangers For Wild Horses in Holding UPDATED!

Sunburned and peeling in record breaking temperatures

Sunburned and peeling in record breaking temperatures

Fast Update 7-9-2013: Heatwave has broken and we are at seasonal temps. Hoof care rotations have resumed (strangles stopped it) note usually horses have moved out of PVC by now but there is no where to send them.The roan paint with the sunburn is in a pen with shade options (facility said the peel happened before the burn saying allergy, but regardless the horse is now segregated). Sunk in mare is from Diamond and never gained weight back, will watch after she weans colt. Horses are enjoying the sprinkler and we feel experiment is a success… it helps with heat and boredom. Time for more?

SEE PVC, THE BIG PICTURE HERE>>> click highlighted text

Please remember to join us in asking for access to Broken Arrow. The public has not seen any of those horses since October 2012

OH! and please follow the rules. Sign in at the office and be smart. Today someone with a video camera just drove into a working alley while wranglers were running horses in the chutes. Lucky no one got hurt. Lots of work being done on cases with news coming soon.


(Reno, NV) The wild horse and burro advocacy group, Wild Horse Education (WHE) is very concerned for wild horses currently held at Palomino Valley Center (PVC), north of Sparks Nevada. The group carries several legal actions that pertain to the humane treatment of wild horses. Many of the animals at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Palomino Valley Center came from ranges currently under the scrutiny of the court.

Wild Horse Education’s President and principle researcher, Laura Leigh, visits the facility multiple times each week. What she observed yesterday was disturbing.

“I saw mares that have recently given birth showing signs of dehydration,” stated Leigh “I saw animals with light skin showing signs of sunburn including peeling skin.”

In May the advocate group put out an alert that conditions at the facility were of concern. Several infectious diseases and fungal infections, including strangles and ringworm, were present in the population. Funding cuts have caused personnel cuts. Many advocates have criticized BLM for prioritizing removals at the cost of inhumane treatment.

“It is very frustrating that many of these facilities really do not care for wild horses, they just warehouse them, “ Leigh said “Basics like hoof care are non-existent and the recognition that light skinned animals will burn is not taken into account.”

Palomino Valley Center is open to the public but facilities like the Broken Arrow in Fallon are not. Fallon is also experiencing record temperatures. In the past sunburned and peeling horses were documented at Broken Arrow. The facility is is located on sand that can exceed air temperatures by as much as 40 degrees.

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has made a written request to BLM  that additional water sources be placed in pens and lighter skinned animals be given shade immediately.

“We sympathize with the staff at the facility and other issues can be worked out later,” said Leigh, “but we will have sick or dying animals if nothing is done today.”


This slideshow requires JavaScript. is a Nevada non-profit carrying three active federal cases against the BLM.

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