Cold Creek

Cold Creek wild horses, now (picture provided by Spring Mountain Alliance)

Cold Creek wild horses, another casualty of BLM’s “Wild Horse Advocate Aversion Program.” The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is beginning an emergency bait trap operation in Cold Creek, near Las Vegas. […]

Do You Care About Sarge?

Sarge has not been gelded

Sarge, a “sooty” palomino stallion from Fish Creek, has become a real celebrity. The notoriety given to this stallion is centered in extreme controversy. The uproar over the herd Sarge comes from […]

Fish Creek, The Facts

Laura Leigh with BLM fire and WH&B specialist setting panels to acclimate horses. (photo, Kerry O'Brian)

This post was created as the confusion grows. We have been writing about Fish Creek since 2012 extensively. We hope this helps clarify “how this came to be.” We requested that BLM […]


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