Owyhee… continues (barbed wire)

Can you see the barbed wire?

note: I am going through video and stills and trying to formulate what to write about.

Let’s start with: Today was not the same as yesterday. Day three and I can see that patience is starting to wear thin.

I am struggling with memory and digital storage for editing. So I am going to give you a series of stills.

If a picture is worth a thousand words… here is an entire volume.

4 horses got tangled in barbed wire as pilot tried to push horses through gate onto the private property where trap was set.

Watch the palomino baby

Watch the palomino baby

After being run into the trap and his family trailered off the range (to leave him alone at the trap) the chopper immediately brings in another band. Baby tried several times to escape.

Alone at the trap

There is no area to access any handling at holding. We were given a brief opportunity to photograph.

I was weaned today. I was also loaded onto trailer with adults.

Please support this work if you can.

We MUST continue to make a stand for a standard of handling. We MUST continue to be a presence at management meetings and we must continue to be their voice in court when needed.

Thank you.

PS. BLM made a “mistake” on the count. Day 1 was 40, not 41. Yesterday was 70. Today was about 60.

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