Owyhee: Update from the field

Day 2 Owyhee 2012

November 27, second day of operation

To date aprox. 116 horses have been removed from the range: Monday total 41, today about 75 (not official count, no count numbers were given to Public relations each run). Removal target 847 total. Body condition primarily 4 and 5 (Henneke scale).

Access to view loading was adequate, except heavy tarps were used (not black screen shown to public in Denver 2010 BLM workshop).

First run horses came in sweaty and slightly steaming. (Note: Winter of 2010/2011 saw high number of deaths from respiratory illness. Winter had roundup days that began below 20 degrees).

All but the last run showed awareness of pressure. Last run animals were pressured and confused. Loading also showed less pressure than observed in the past. Hopefully ability to observe continues to see if this is an isolated event.

Two injuries noted: Grey with a limp and a young buckskin that appears to have gone through, or into, barbed wire fencing, during last run. (note: animals need to be driven through gates as the trap is located on private property).

Young injured mare (barbed wire?) Owyhee 2012

Two horses escaped the trap: one young mare vaulted the panel, one horse (stallion?) evaded the jute. Both horses were not pursued.

Observation at temporary holding was practically non-extistent. BLM said they would post photographs of injured mare on their site.

Day began at 19 degrees, cloudy and cool. Rain expected for the rest of the week.

Video and further observation reports will be posted.

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To view BLM’s “about the gather” page go to: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/wfo/blm_programs/wild_horses_and_burros/Owyhee_Complex_Wild_Horse_Gather_2012/About_the_HMA.html

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