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We are working hard against abuse, slaughter and extinction.

We are working hard against abuse, slaughter and extinction.

A Letter From WHE Volunteers.

In May of this year, Wild Horse Education volunteers entered our President Laura Leigh in the Eagle Rare Life contest. We felt that the manner in which Laura has dedicated her life to defend and protect our wild mustangs and burros roaming our public lands in the west, truly depicts a “rare life”. She has taken a stand as a one woman army, to keep our wild horses on the range and safe from abuse, slaughter, and removal from the range by excessive and cruel roundups. Leigh has succeeded in stopping some roundups and in one case, of having mustangs which were rounded up re-released to the wild. Laura lives and breathes wild horses and fights for their survival, putting her own needs last. And she has done this while fighting her own battle against breast cancer. We can’t imagine a more “Rare Life” than hers.
There are two levels of awards in the contest, the six $5,000 Category awards, and the single Grand Prize Rare Life Award for $50,000. The five stories receiving the most votes in each category (Courage, Leadership, Survival, Devotion, Character, and Heroism) will be considered for the $5,000 award. Then the top 30 stories overall, regardless of category, will be judged together for the Grand Prize. Judges will choose based on content, text, and votes, based on the following criteria:
Relevance to the Promotion Theme of a Rare Life (50%);
Originality and Creativity (20%)
Story Quality and Clarity (10%)
Online voting by website visitors (20%).
Voting will close on January 5, 2016, so there are a little more than 12 weeks remaining for online voting. You can vote once every 24 hours.
Currently we rank #10 in the online voting in all stories, but hold the lead in the Category of Courage by more than 7,800 votes. Voting is a fluid situation, however, because new stories can be, and are often entered even at this late stage in the game. Our challenge herein is to become committed daily voters, who also share the contest in social media, by email, or in groups of equine interest, wherever we can find and commit voters to joining us daily. We can’t afford to become complacent in our voting and networking, because these 12 weeks are the most competitive of the entire contest. The voting is an essential measure for the contest judges; it takes an important cause, with dedicated and passionate supporters, to keep a body of people voting consistently every day, as well as searching daily to find ways to pull in new voters.
Wild Horse Education and our President Laura Leigh NEED YOU to help us demonstrate that we SUPPORTERS are fervent in our desire to see our wild horses and burros are protected, as they are supposed to be by 1971 law. Can you please find some time to join us in these efforts? Just imagine how much work and effort for our wild ones can be funded through this award!

Leigh with her usual

Leigh with her usual “range tools,” a camera and audio recording equipment