Wild Horse Education (WHE) is offering multiple feature webinars to replace the Q &A video sessions we have posted in the past.

The webinars delve into specific subject matter with an opportunity for questions during the webinar. Some of the webinars will also be offered in recorded form.

Wild horse advocacy contains multiple facets from range through capture, adoption and rescue. Today this risks to the land itself are increasing and the land grab by states and profit driven interests includes the resumption of slaughter. Often these multiple and often complex layers can create frustration and confusion.

The webinars are created and outlined to give you the information you need to assist you in formulating your own opinion and engaging the processes available to you to engage each issue that you determine you want to focus your efforts and time.

We will add to this page as webinars become available. Upcoming webinars will be highlighted in blue.

A minimum number of participants is required to run each webinar to cover costs. You can sponsor a webinar and we can offer it to a list of your choosing or at a reduced fee to the public. To find out how we can cover subject matter you want to know about, get on a mailing list for webinars or to sponsor a webinar, email us at WHEAdvocates@gmail.com

The political field and the implications to wild horses in more depth. February 9th, 6-8 pm Pacific time. 

Humane handling: The fight, the wins, the policy and where we stand today. February 10th from 6-8 pm Pacific time.

The Threats Have New Meaning: EPA, ESA and the dangers to wild horses in the legislative landslide. March 5 from 4-7 pm pacific time

Wild Horses 101: The basics of management, issues, terminology and process. Canes in the last few years and those on the horizon. February 12 from 4-6 pm pacific and Thursday February 16th 5-7 pm pacific (this webinar will be recorded on Thursday and available for view after the session). A contribution of $10. or more is required to participate, this helps us cover costs, thank you.

Rapidly changing political landscape; up to date information and focus for wild horses.  April 2 from 4-6 pm pacific. (dates and times subject to change). Information on how to join this webinar will be online shortly.

The drop down shows some of our recent subjects.