Please help us to help them.

Wild horses are at risk of surgical sterilization and slaughter.

BLM just announced they are going forward with the brutal experiments at the Burns Corral. The experiments will even be conducted on heavily pregnant mares that WILL abort their babies. This is NOT the creation of a human tool, it is the continuation of protocols to satisfy those that want to see wild horses gone forever! READ HERE http://www.flashalertnewswire.net/images/news/2016-06/5514/95665/BLM_Initiates_Wild_Horse_Research_in_OR.pdf

Spaying mares on the range will produce death. It will produce aggressive behavior on the range. It will create inbred herds. Surgery “in the dirt” is a new low for the agency.

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has documentation from Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and the experiments and results on the range. WHE is the only wild horse organization to document this horror. We must get our information to Congress now!

Our on the ground, first hand documentation, has won more legal battles than any wild horse organization. But we can not continue without support. We are the only organization to fight for YOUR first amendment rights. We are the only organization to ever take inhumane treatment to court and the only organization to win.

Wild Horse Education is on the ground building protections from this pending freight train one herd at a time. We need your help to build protections.

No donation is too small. We must continue to bring our information into meetings and the courtroom. We can not do it without you.

Please help us.