Inspire Me!

A galloping herd of wild horses thundering across a valley floor or a lone stallion on a ridge top are images that make our hearts beat just a bit faster. Wild horses speak to something inside us as old as time itself. At the dawn of our creative spirit horses inspired the first cave drawings. Today they provide us with no less inspiration to our creative souls.

Here we take a closer look at some of the works wild horses inspire today. Music and photography are some of the types of inspiration that most think of but wild horses and burros generate so much more. Many of us are inspired to advocate or adopt. Some of us have written novels or created films.

Every week we will add more stories of what our wild horses and burros have inspired! We are editing a video with adoption stories,music inspired by wild horses and so much more!

In our first installment meet:

Joe Camp, author of the Benji novels and the Soul of a Horse

Christina Lublin, Award winning television producer. Her work includes The Dog Whisperer and America Declassified

Nevada States Quarter

Wild Horses and Burros Inspire!

Wild Horses and Burros Inspire!

Our second installment features:

Karen McClain, advocate and painter

Stephanie Martin, Award winning filmmaker

Melody Perez, Musician and painter

Our wild horses and burros are a treasure immeasurable by a dollar sign. The riches they give us extend into our very souls.

Share your story of how our wild horses and burros have inspired you by emailing them to: with “Inspire” in the subject line.