End of Year fundraising; 2018


“I do a digital art piece for the passing of the old year. It gives me a break from the ‘legal words and deeds’ and lets the visual side of me play a bit. I hope to pull out the paintbrushes again someday, but in 2019 it will be a year of a hard fight to gain ground. I love this horse that lives in the area we are now litigating against a gold mine where BLM has ignored his herd and your voice. It’s gonna be a rough year but we are inspired by the amazing wild horses that still live, free, in our wild places. I wish you a healthy, happy, new year.” ~ LLeigh

 Like all nonprofits the funds raised during the end of year giving season can make or break our ability to be effective in the coming year. Without you our work is not possible. 

Beginning Dec. 19 – Jan 2 we have been offered an incredibly generous match! All contributions up to $10,000 will be matched! We must raise at least $5,000 to unlock the match. If we can raise the first 5K all contributions from $1-$10,000 will be matched.  Can you help us unlock this generous offer? 


365 days a year we advocate for our wild horses and burros. From field monitoring of herds and range health, rescue, litigation, research and planning, we are working to be your voice to protect our wild horses on public lands.

We work hard to keep wild horses free from abuse, slaughter and to be given freedom on the range. Our goals include creating sanity in range management, successful adoptions and for transparent and humane treatment of wild horses and burros program wide.

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Each contribution between now and the end of the year will receive our “Year in Review, 2018” digital magazine as our thank you gift. The magazine will publish the last week of 2018 and take you through a year of roundups, politics and advocacy; and a look ahead at 2019.

If you shop online this holiday season you can help WHE! You can choose Wild Horse Education as your charity of choice when you shop at Amazonsmile.com , a portion of the sale will be donated to us by Amazon.

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Why WHE?

Over a dozen successful legal actions have brought not only an impressive track record on litigation, but changed management practices, policy and created legal precedent. These efforts opened the door for legal actions brought by others; wild horses advocates, public land interests and civil rights cases across the nation.

For over 40 years the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounded up wild horses and packed them into holding facilities without any policy that ensures the animals are handled humanely. Wild Horse Education is the only organization to bring issues of inhumane treatment into a courtroom and win ruling after ruling. After more than a million miles on the road, thousands of days observing government handling of wild horses and hundreds of hours litigating, we now have a humane handling policy and protocol for addressing infractions.

Range documentation gathered on wild horses and their habitat has stopped unjustified removals. Up-to-date and consistent monitoring of the range can, and does, create a basis for engaging policy makers and management plans. It makes a difference to the horse itself.

There are ways to hold land managers accountable to the law. WHE uses the courts and oversight agency engagement. Working with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Government Accounting Office (GAO) and recently an investigative team with the US House of Representatives (Congress) WHE works against the odds to fight corruption that traps wild horses on the range and sets up the thrumming helicopter that chases them into the trap.

Wild Horse Education is an organization of action. Help make 2018 a year of effective, relentless, action to protect wild horses and the land they stand on. Wild Horse Education has a mini resume here.

Thank you so much for considering Wild Horse Education in your year end giving!