BLM basis

These three documents set the stage for Wild Horse and Burro management on Federal (BLM,USFS) land

Note this link is to the BLM maps. HMA’s are where horses and burros can be legally managed. At first glance it may look like a lot… but click on the maps. The state of Nevada contains more than half the wild horses that still live free on public land.

The “Act”

The first item all advocates for wild herds should read is the 1971 Wild and free roaming horse and burro act. This version was updated in 2006 and includes the changes since the original act was passed, These changes include “sale authority” that ammended this document as introduced by Conrad Burns in an omnibus spending bill pre-Thanksgiving recess in 2003.


Taylor Grazing Act

This is a long one. But having it archived on this resource page is important. Often this act will be referenced when dealing with issues of forage allotment as if this document trumps all others. This link is a “summary”:

Text in full:

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Federal Land Policy Management Act

This is the document that the phrase “Multiple Use” comes from. This document is another long one:

Even the summary is long but worth a “browse.”

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