CAWP Petition (2022)

Please add your name if you would like to help us get the BLM Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) into a public hearing for review and revision. 

We, the undersigned, request the BLM open CAWP to an annual transparent, open to public participation, review and revision process.
The annual “Motorized Vehicle Hearing” was originally required to address public concerns as motorized vehicles, that had been prohibited by law due to abuses, were reintroduced for use in the capture of wild horses and burros. Since that time, the hearings have become no more than an administrative process that has resulted in no revision. 
Today, public concerns have  expanded beyond abuses committed solely through the use of motorized vehicles. Without the agency ever utilizing those hearings to make any change to policy. 
Litigation resulted in the CAWP program being incorporated into NEPA  and gather contracts in 2015. It took another 6 years for the BLM to begin doing any internal assessment. The internal assessments are proving to be incomplete, inconsistent, woefully inadequate in onsite observation, and without enforcement/reprimand procedures.
CAWP needs to be open to a hearing where the public can be provided with the opportunity to review, question and provide additional information. 
The hearing must be followed with a written response that includes revisions to the policy. Ignoring public input and concerns regarding the treatment of wild horses and burros must stop. 
Thank you.