Black Friday Shopping? (a supporter sponsored event)

10×13 metal print you can find at the auction. Click image

At Wild Horse Education 2020 is ending with intense engagement to help our wild ones as a flurry of projects are aimed at wild horses, burros, and the land they stand. Our team has been actively engaged in legal action against the “spay plan” in Utah since October. Our team has been setting the stage for legal actions against multiple projects that threaten our herds, including those aimed at our last large herds in the west.

End of year fundraising is vital to keep our efforts moving into 2021.

A WHE supporter has created an online auction to help WHE make our year end goals! Go to auction HERE.

click image to see all the items at the event

Heather Hellyer organized an event that includes: her own work, contributions of beautiful art photography and other items. Her social media group, “Save Wild Horses,” will begin this generous event at 6 a.m pst (9 a.m. EST) on Friday, November 27. All proceeds will be donated to WHE.

Go to auction click HERE

8×10 print in an 11×14 mat, by Heather Hellyer, can be found at the auction by clicking image

WHE wont be running the event, our teams are at the keyboard with important deadlines or traveling the field at the roundups this weekend. Our sincerest gratitude to those that contributed time, effort, and items, in support of our work. Thank you Heather!

Heather put together a WHE calendar for 2021, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Click Image to buy direct on Zazzle.

Click HERE to purchase WHE 2021 calendar direct from Zazzle (non-auction item)

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note: When you go to the auction site HERE, you need to scroll down to see a full description of the item, including the artist or donors name.

We want to say “thank you” to all that contributed items:

Donations from:
Off the Wall Fine Art Photography, Mary Hone:
Koru Photo Designs, Valerie Henry:
Tracy Colbroth Photography: Tracy Colbroth Photography
Tanya de Leeuw Photography:
Chris Parsons Nature Photography of Wyoming: Chris Parsons Nature Photography
Laura Leigh, founder of WHE