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Antelope (8/13, run down)

Hotshot (electric prod) used to speed up loading by BLM in 2022

We know things move fast at these large roundups in these really big complexes and it can get hard for the public to track.

Under the 2017 paperwork BLM approved for this area, just under 10,000 wild horses have been captured. Yes, about 10,000 wild horses have already been captured under the Antelope/Triple B Environmental Assessment (EA).

Newborn trying to nurse off another foal for comfort, 2022

The paperwork approves capture in this area through 2026.

Some of the very “worst of the worst” you have seen has not only come from this roundup in 2023, but what you see each and every year.

Antelope, 2021

We want to assure you that our case remains active.

The judge did not place any restrictions on BLM moving forward with this one operation beyond a caution on infringing on our First Amendment rights.

The Complaint sits before this same judge. Some of you have remembered the same judge from the long drawn out battle to gain access to observe roundups. The daily access policy was the final result, but only after going to the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals, twice.

This big remote areas always get the worst times like the “It is still foaling season” spot on the schedule or the “Foaling season has already begun” spot. You will always find these big HMAs on schedule in July/August or January/February, always.

We want to state, one more time, we are not giving up until there is actual reform in the program.

We are not giving up until there is an enforceable welfare standard.

And, most importantly, we are NOT giving up on the Antelope wild horses.

Please check with us on the status of the case and not rely on what you hear on social media. We need to double check with our attorney on how to share information from the hearing and inform you on how we are moving this case, that is still active, forward.



Since the hearing Wednesday, BLM has flown one day, yesterday. Today is also a no fly day.

BLM captured 64 (25 Stallions, 27 Mares, and 12 Foals) wild horses at the same trap (using 1 helicopter) they used 2 days before the hearing (using 2 helicopters).

Yesterday the number of foals captured represents about 18%. Before the hearing, 10%.

Baby ears, 8/12

Since July 9, north and south trap have captured 2878 wild horses, 32 have died onsite. ALL of the (avoidable) catastrophic deaths took place during heat index rises. It seems we will have to explain that one a few more times before BLM even comprehends what that means.

Wild horses from south trap were sent to Palomino Valley Center north of Reno.

Wild horses from north trap have ALL been sent to Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes, Fallon) and have been off-limits to public view since the day they shipped.

We are already tracking illness, injury and death after transport.

These big areas get the very worst times of year and the very worst access to document what happens. 

Trap was some distance and handling at trap could not be assessed. The only thing we could have assessed was loading from stock trailers to semi. Our observer did inform BLM that the ability to document was blocked last time at this location. BLM in charge did nothing to change things this time either.

Our team is still really busy putting together a more comprehensive account of this operation and we are preparing our welfare report; BLM CAWP team spend a total of 4 days at this monster of a roundup and published a report a month before the roundup ended (just like they did last year). (more HERE)

We want to remind you that BLM leadership touted the After Action Review (AAR) during the Advisory Board meeting. An AAR, by definition, is not so much about what happened.. but why it happened that way and how to improve. The AAR is supposed to be a full review and assessment. We will see if BLM does more in an AAR this time than can be scribbled on a napkin?

When the helicopter lands for the last time at this roundup, the roundups are not over. BLM is approved out here until 2026. 

The fight will continue and we will be updating you every step of the way.

We will never forget the wild horses in this area and we hope you continue to stand with us as we fight for one of America’s very last large herds. 

History of the fight against abuse, click HERE

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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