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Antelope and More (8/11, Direct Action Against Abuse)

Although 94 wild horses were captured during the hearing for Antelope, 0 have been captured since. Yesterday BLM broke trap early and today is a “no fly” day.

One additional wild horse was killed BLM said the 9-year old Sorrel had a deformed from leg. This brings the deaths at the Antelope Complex since July 9 to 32; 22 attributed to North trap.

A visit to temporary holding was facilitated before the wild horses shipped to off-limits to the public view facility Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes, in Fallon).

From July 9 through July 26, 1,107 wild horses were shipped to Palomino Valley Center (PVC).

From July 9 through August 10, 1,646 Wild Horses wild horses have shipped to Broken Arrow and have not been seen once by the public.

We are working on strategy behind the scenes for the underlying Complaint that remains active.

Many of you are asking what you can do to help forward one of the important goals in this lawsuit: Stopping Abuse.

If you want to help address abuse DIRECTLY that you see at roundups like Antelope, you can CALL your reps and add to your requests fir the 2024 fiscal year Department of Interior, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program:

“I would like you to propose an amendment to add a budget line item solely devoted to make the BLM wild horse and burro welfare policy (currently referenced as “CAWP”) into an enforceable rule.

The internal program is not creating an environment where wild horses and burros are treated according to safe, sane, current animal husbandry practices to ensure steps are taken to prevent injury and. death. Death is not the only measure of abuse.”

You can find your reps: http://govtrack.us

Wild Horse Education will be sending a packet to members of Congress showing why we need an enforceable welfare rule.

You can add your name to the cover letter by clicking HERE.

McCullough Peaks

Other news and action items:

The McCullough Peaks comments on the “Draft Bait Trap Gather Assessment” are due tomorrow.

In February, comments were die in a process called “scoping” where concerns and data BLM that was important to the public could be submitted. Most Gather-EAs (gather plans) BLM does for other herds does not include this important step. (You can read more in our McCullough Scoping article HERE. )

WHE submitted extensive comments but have been super busy out at Antelope and have not had time discuss them. If the comments you submitted in scoping were ignored, this is another chance for you to submit comments.

Comments are due: July 12. Use the “Participate NOW” button on the BLM webpage. 

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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