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Update_2 traps again? (8/1 Antelope)

Observers met for the morning convoy to what BLM is calling “north trap.” The day before and during the entire day, no one mentioned a second trap. WHE has a second observer onsite to go to if two traps are used. Only after our observer asked to see that second trap (that had been used for 5 or 6 days without any observation) did she find out a second trap had been used earlier in the day.

BLM is reporting a “horse released.” We have no idea what the circumstances are or even which trap or if it was another that escaped from temporary holding. During this operation BLM has been counting escapees as releases (we think it has something to do with how billing is being done for capture numbers). During the first heat index rise we did see a stallion leap out of holding/sorting corrals. 

Screengrab from BLM site at 9:00 a.m.

We do not know which horses are being captured from which trap. BLM stopped reporting numbers from distinct traps on July 26.

Our onsite team member wanted us to edit the story of a little horse that just stops running and needed to be roped in long form, so you understand the drive.

Above: It begins in the trees. 2 choppers are flushing multiple bands down out from both sides of the mountain top for long periods of time. In this run, over 45 minutes.

Above: After they hit the valley floor, multiple bands are chased back and forth for a lot longer than we can edit into a video for upload. By the time we can even begin to identify horses with a long range (3000mm zoom) they have already run a long time.

In the video above you can see where a little one just stops moving as bands are run back and forth.

Above: The little horse is roped and loaded onto a trailer after (another) nearly 50 minute ordeal.

At least two traps were used in the 6th day in this area where 1 trap was placed down a public road into checkerboard (open land, but a checkerboard of private/public) where BLM will not even allow us to know the location of the trap.

BLM has about 700 wild horses left to capture to reach the combined goal of 3,107 wild horses captured in the Antelope Complex. The operation is approved to run through August 22 and BLM is expected to continue to race to the finish line long before that date.

We will update you on our pleadings to the court shortly. We wanted to get you the roundup report first.

27 have been reported to have died and 7 foals have been reported orphaned. The death toll from long-term impacts of the summer roundup continue in holding facilities. The exact number will not be known for months (BLM does not post facility reports and they will not be counted as roundup related deaths).

The average death rate from roundups is actually around 12%

We expect Antelope to come in near the 20% mark within the first 4 months post-capture. We will report after reviewing data, but it will take time to obtain it (we have to FOIA).

History of the fight against abuse, click HERE

Our team has been onsite since roundups began on July 1. 

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