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Focus Foals (Antelope Roundup Update 7/22)

Our team has been out every day at trap during the Antelope Complex roundup. 

We want to thank the team for not taking days off during this grueling operation that has experienced 2 rounds of dangerous heat index readings.

WHE might not spend a lot of time on the “bells and whistles” on our website, but we work hard to be as effective as possible in all the layers of advocacy from land use through sales and adoption.  We thank you for helping WHE continue the most comprehensive and in-depth reporting from wild horse and burro captures. 

At least 18 wild horses have died since July 9 in the ongoing Antelope Complex roundup of 2023; the first time BLM has run simultaneous roundup crews in this area. 

We do not have time to write a new article on the dangers to “baby feet” and moms. But we have an extensive piece from last years Buffalo Hills roundup HERE.

We have been experiencing moments of dangerous heat index bumps during this roundup. Heat Index is the measure that creates those “heath warnings” you heat on the news. It seems we simply cannot get BLM to understand temperature is NOT Heat Index. We are still trying.


On arrival our team member saw a beautiful family. They were the first to be captured.

The North trap captured 16 wild horses (7 studs, 5 mares and 4 foals). At holding we saw 4 foals. BLM said 1 foal was orphaned and it is listed on the website. It is not listed on the website. The only orphans listed for the Antelope Complex are from south trap (4). We are inquiring to see if North trap has not been publishing orphans or if this is the only one. 

We are waiting for BLM to confirm statistics. We were informed that a foal was euthanized yesterday. They said it had a “humpback” with a poor prognosis. Most horse owners know that a “humpback” can be a sign of extreme pain. We do not know if BLM is performing any post-mortem… they are not counting the death as “roundup related.”

We were told it was a sorrel foal (video of foals in holding further down page). The BLM page has the death listed as an adult. We are checking to see if BLM forgot to type “foal” or if there were 2 deaths.

To date (stats only from NORTH TRAP): 460 have been captured and at least 9 have died.

We hope north trap really keeps a closer eye on the inconsistent drive tempo. It appears that impatience plays a part and perhaps oversight from the ground day-to-day. Please.

One of the foals entered trap alone. Mom did not want to leave baby behind and kept stopping and refusing to speed away. When they were pushed across the valley, the pilot did not wait until the baby caught up before applying hard pressure, appearing to cause panic and the band fractured and fled back out of trap. BLM said baby came in alone and did not pair up with a mare… it is because the band fractured and mom is still out there.

Long video. This is over and hour condensed down and took a really long time to upload so you can see it. In most videos from roundups you do not see the expanse and drive to trap. We try to show it all to you here.

Watching what happens to these families we know is really hard.

This last band is where BLM says the “foal came in alone.” We saw the wrangler, but could not see a foal.

At the holding facility we were told that the foal came in alone (we drop off all audio chatter in all but the first clip). It is unclear which of these foals was euthanized or if it was done at trap or holding. We do not know if the foal was run during the absolute chaos of the day before, or this day. BLM has simply said “sorrel.”

At temporary we saw 4 foals. We are checking to affirm that the death reported was a foal and not an adult.


Many of you have expressed distress over watching roundups during July, actual foaling/breeding season in many Herd Management Areas (HMA). You asked if we look for foals and can people come and take them off the range (ie. cam we just put them in our truck). 

It is illegal to remove any wild horse, even a foal that is alone. Removing a wild horse can land you in jail or at least with a fine. We know you have all heard the stories of foals being taken from the range by ranchers and then given to BLM or adopted… but there are also stories involving people that loaded injured wild horses onto a trailer or rescued foals and landed in a courtroom.

You have to contact BLM and notify them of the position of the foal. BLM then decides if they are going to get it or leave it out.

NOTE AFTER SEEING MISINTERPRETATION OF WHAT WE WROTE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Foals captured by BLM that do not pair with a mare and are identified as orphans or “leppy” (a term derived from an orphaned cow calf) is sent to foster care. BLM has a list of fosters. The 4 identified at south pens went to foster care. The 4 foals we saw in holding were 4 of the 5 captured that day, the others have shipped to Palomino Valley Center from south trap )north trap is sending to Fallon). The 4 foals we saw are not representative of 14 days of the roundup, but 1 day.

Below: Our observer did just that yesterday. BLM said they were going to leave the youngster out there as “there are other horses within a quarter mile.” It was getting dark and rain came in. We will see if we can find her again today.


14 (7 Stallions, 6 Mares, and 1 Foal) were captured today on the 3rd day at this trap as BLM tries to get all of the wild ones they can from this area.

At least 18 wild horses have died since July 9 in the ongoing Antelope Complex roundup of 2023; the first time BLM has run simultaneous roundup crews in this area. 

What can you do? 

We update our “action page” often. You can find action items on the page that range from urgent, to commenting on changes in land use and pending roundup plans to long term actions like passing the SAFE Act (to stop slaughter) and the budget bill for fiscal 2024.

You can go to our take action page HERE. 

Stopping an active roundup can only be done by order of the Secretary of Interior, President or a Federal Judge. None of those things are easy to get, ever. We are trying every avenue available to us.

For those of you wanting to try to take an action to stop this operation, you can try calling the White House. 

We really are working around the clock and our team lead has not taken a day (or even an afternoon) off since roundups started on July 1 at Reveille. 

Thank you.

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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