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Antelope South (3 Escapes, a dramatic roping and an important action item)

Due to the bandwidth on the daily update page, we are posting the long form report from Day 3 at the Antelope Complex South Roundup as a distinct page.

You can follow the daily reports from Antelope South HERE.

An urgent action item is at the bottom of this page. A heatwave is moving in. We need your help to try to get operations suspended. It is NOT enough that BLM stop rounding up wild horses when temperatures hit 95 degrees. Pregnant and nursing mares and their foals need time to drink adequate water. Most band come in early in the day to get water… the exact time choppers hit the skies.

Learn more about the Heat Index Warnings and TAKE ACTION HERE.

Or you can just go ahead and send the letter:  Just click HERE to send your letter to the BLM NV State Director.

Watch the videos from yesterdays Antelope South operation (3 escapes) and then, please, take the action item. 

Below: Escape number 1 (in a Trifecta of escapes).

The Antelope South operation continued for the third day at the same trap location.

67 (22 Stallions, 28 Mares, and 17 Foals) wild horses were captured on day 3. This brings the total from this trap location to 270 (93 Stallions, 118 Mares, 59 Foals). 2 have died so far from roundup related causes: a foal from colic and a mare broke her neck at trap in a collision with the panel.

Below: Escape number 2


While temperatures begin to rise rapidly after sunrise, a family is captured. This beautiful boy launches himself over the panels and turns back numerous times to look at the family he kept safe on the range… but is powerless to protect now.

As climate change impacts the entire globe, higher temperatures need to be considered in roundup paperwork and in BLMs Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP). Temperatures in this area will continue to rise through the weekend hitting the 100 degree mark on Sunday. (Action Item at the bottom of the page, highlighted in red.)

Escape 3

In the video above we show you how multiple bands are juggled and driven back and forth across the valley floor. The bands fracture and come in as two groups.

The last group includes a break through the wings by a stallion that may very well be the one that escaped the temporary holding corrals located just over the rise. (Video in our daily team reports, scroll down to see video HERE).

As the bands above were being run back and forth across the valley a colt could not keep up and headed toward “home” behind the mountain. The baby was roped high up the mountain in a dramatic moment framed by the blue sky. The baby was brought down the mountain and then put into a trailer he did not appear to want to enter.

A young foal has already died of colic and several have been considered “leppy” (orphaned or in need of additional care). 

We ask that you join us in sending a letter.

>> Just click HERE to send your letter to the BLM NV State Director. << 

BLM State Director John Raby,

I am writing to you to ask that you suspend the roundup operations in the Elko and Ely District through Tuesday.
A dangerous heatwave is heading to the area and being reported, repeatedly, on the news. Horse owners are receiving warnings that even include prohibiting light exercise of their domestic equines. 
Temperatures in the Antelope North operation area are expected to exceed 100 degrees, reaching 105 by Sunday. 
The agency is required to make provisions in all planned projects that include how climate change will impact the area. These considerations must include wild horse roundups.
As no policy currently exists specifically to address increasing impacts of climate change on wild horse roundups, it falls to the State Director to show leadership. 
Please suspend operations. 



Just as every horse rescued matters, how every wild horse or burro is treated during capture matters.  As we fight to keep them on the range, receive a fair share of resources and equity in the planning process, we continue our work to stop abuse. 

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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