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Burro Bit (Montezuma Peak)

Burro babies are so cute!
After our team covered the Reveille roundup earlier this week, we always like our volunteers to experience as much as they can. When possible, we like to teach a bit about other HMAs in the area.
We took our volunteer out to see wild horses at Stone Cabin.
She had never seen a wild burro in person. She has now. 
More about our work in the fight to protect wild burros can be found: https://tinyurl.com/3nm4jknp

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Before we begin team coverage of the massive Antelope roundup that will begin this weekend, let’s take a burro break.
Burros in the Montezuma Peak, Palmetto and Silver Peak areas in Nevada deal with harsh climates, degradation from over a century of historic livestock, mountain lions and expanding mining (including lithium brining).
The burros in Montezuma are often called “shadows” by the guys that travel through the area to and from the mines and they fret over how hard it is to see them as they cross the roads.
Although not in the public eye much, it is worth a trip out to see these shadows in person.
Join us in the fight to protect them.

Spotlight on Stone Cabin

More on the fight to protect wild burros 

Thank you for keeping us in the fight.

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