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Reveille Roundup Ends

The Reveille roundup has ended with 133 captured, 1 foal died. Our team were the only members of the public onsite for this operation. You can see our team onsite updates HERE

Today, BLM released 3 stock trailers of wild horses (26 studs, edited: BLM increased the number for release to 30) back to the range. 

Watching wild horses (particularly the older ones, like at Reveille) go home instead of a facility is so bittersweet. 

Most of the pictures from this trailer below have kids faces in them. We have published all we can from over 100 frames to avoid their faces. Note: We are kept far away because of “safety concerns” and are using high powered zoom.

BLM will release 27 mares (after 2 doses of a hormonal fertility control agent (GonaCon) in 30-40 days. Yes, treating these mares (most of them have already received numerous doses of PZP) will result in fertility not returning in their lifetime. 

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To learn more about Reveille Click HERE

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We will follow up on the captive wild horses sent to Ridgecrest and bring you a final update from Reveille tomorrow.

Last week was a busy one with briefs due on 3 court cases and the Advisory Board.

Our team hustled and got out to cover Reveille, the first on the roundup schedule that will target more than 7000 for capture for now through October. 

From now through July 8th you can support our onsite welfare team by buying and wearing a shirt. All proceeds go to help our team report back to you and continue our battle against abuse

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While we celebrate our Freedom this July 4th, we ask that you speak to at least one person about the symbols of those freedoms: our flag, our soldiers, the bald eagle… and the wild horse.

Consider celebrating without fireworks. Fireworks are an assault to both domestic and wild creatures and can trigger those who may suffer from many conditions that are compounded by loud noises. 

Our team will be in the field. 

May you have a contemplative, fun and safe 4th of July.

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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