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Happy Band Stallion Weekend! (Father’s Day)

Father and son after capture (with the mare on the opposite side of the alley). This stallion protected his young son for 3 days in the crowded stallion pen after capture. Shipped off at different times, the Calico stallion was found but his young colt was never seen again.

The stallions of the wild capture the heart and imagination. Most often it will be a stallion (that a human visitor to his herd has given a name) that becomes a memorialized symbol of the existence of an entire herd: Picasso of Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin, Cloud of the Pryor Mountain Range, Blue Zeus of Red Desert, and Sarge of Fish Creek. Some of these stallions live out their lives on range and die as they lived, a wild stallion. Some make it to sanctuary after capture. The majestic wild stallion is the epitome of the wild.

For every stallion that crossed paths with humans on a regular basis and was given a name, there are countless stallions that have not. This Father’s Day weekend we salute the stallions, named and with names only the wind knows.

A gallery of few amazing stallions for Father’s Day.

Video of “The black” whose family trusted him more than they feared the chopper during the Red Desert roundup.

Magical Medicine Hat Old Man, with his piercing blue eye, battles for mares each year is an inspiration to “never give up.” A resilient survivor on a range rapidly disappearing for profit lines. We have taken  legal action to make a stand for his herd.

One stallion from the Calico Complex, where the agency is finalizing a plan to shatter this herd, fought to keep his band free again and again. Then, after his family was captured, he fought the chopper to keep other bands from entering. This amazing stallion fought so hard the BLM had to tear down the trap and move. Although the video is nearly 10 years old, we will never forget him.

calico wild horse roundup/ one stallion from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.


Beautiful red curly stud from Fish Creek that we watched grow into a band stallion, had no fan club. He was not even put on the internet adoption. He was castrated and sent into the oblivion of a system of holding where he could slip to slaughter through “Sale Authority.”

Video featuring a few wild stallions leading their families across a valley to get water and some bachelor bands.

Bachelors are so much fun to watch. After getting kicked out of the band as they reach sexual maturity (usually, but not always) most young males form bachelor bands where they hone their skills, and get up the courage, to challenge for mares… and become the next legends of the herd.

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This Father’s Day weekend we salute the stallion, known and yet to be discovered. We honor their courage, resilience and drive to protect their families from danger. Their power and beauty remain an inspiration to us all.

Happy Band Stallion (Father’s) Weekend!

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