Wild Word (March)

A copy of our end-of-week newsletter, 3/24/23

Catching up with WHE (March)

March 29th, Greenlink North meeting: a Zoom info-meeting will take place March 29th at from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PDT. You can learn more HERE

Nevada: Last Day for Clan Alpine Comments is March 30th: BLM knows there is heavy seasonal exchange between multiple HMAs in this area and needs to figure that out before creating another removal plan based on a faulty AML. Learn more HERE.

Great OpEd in NV Independent: In order to save wild horses we have to save the landscape. You can read more HERE.

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation: What is WHE doing to fight habitat loss? You can see some of what we are taking on HERE.

New Mexico: WHE are continuing the fight to stop the destruction of the Bordo Atravesado herd. In court filings BLM essentially admits they have not done any monitoring to determine their plan represents a “thriving natural ecological balance.” See more HERE.

Myth Busting: As you continue your advocacy for our treasured wild ones you find yourself up against falsehoods that use up precious time when you talk to legislators. A fast “myth-busting” page: roundup mortality, safety and management for rangeland health. Click HERE.

A word from WHE on the debates in Congress

We are moving into the season of advocacy where plans are being finalized for more roundups, while the budget and bills are being debated in Congress.

Urgent pleas to add your name to sign-on letters or call your representatives to support one agenda or another will hit your inbox. Sometimes we have seen contradictory petitions that both say “Save Wild Horses,” but are actually in opposition to each other. Always read any request for help carefully before adding your name.

Since 2018, there have been calls by many to increase the BLM budget. These mass calls to action have claimed that the increased funding is to “Stop the Roundups!”. Each year more money has been added to the budget as roundups increase to hit historically high rates. BLM won’t change course for any herd until they hit the target population level for the area. Remember, BLM calls a removal of 2000, with a release of 70, a “fertility control operation.” 

If you do not agree with how BLM is using extra funding, why not ask for a funding freeze instead of more funding? You could ask for a freeze until the following is addressed:

>>Check out our 4-part plan for engaging your representatives HERE<<

Our team is working hard from range to court. 

Our wild ones are in trouble on the land they stand, through holding and beyond into the slaughter pipeline.

Without your support, none of our work is possible. 

Thank you.

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