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Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day was added to the “international day of recognition calendar” to be honored on December 10th of each year. The UN passed their historic declaration expanding International Human Rights Day to include animals in 1998.

Kindness and respect are due to all living beings, human and animal alike. Most people understand that animals feel pain. Animals, like our amazing wild horses, also have extremely strong family bonds, places they call home where they feel safe and basic needs of food and water.

Below: same colt as in the first video from Triple B, 2022

When it comes to our wild ones, today is a good day to commit to learning more about how you can get involved to continue the fight against abuse. That fight has many layers.

Our team is working hard to identify key areas where we can get in front of the messaging of those intent on continuing the acceleration of removals leading to the ultimate betrayal (killing horses in holding to make space for more) in 2023.

We are preparing materials so you can be on-point as we work together to thwart that aim. We will be publishing a priorities of advocacy list for 2023 soon that identifies where and how the opposition is moving fast. The list will be published before the end of the year to arm you to clearly address key issues.

A safe place to live, with enough food to survive, free from inflicted pain, is something all living beings should be entitled to… all over this planet.

Founders of the International Animal Rights Day stated that since animals can’t vote, protest, or lobby for their own protection, humans have to do it for them.

Together, we can speak for our wild ones.

Today, take time to spread some kindness to humans and animals alike in your immediate circle… and commit to working so that circle grows.

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We need your support to stay in the fight. Thank you.

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