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2022 Roundup Schedule (a new addition, Cedar)

As the fiscal year 2022 roundup schedule draws to a close, BLM has added a new addition to the schedule: Cedar Mountain. 

The Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah will see the helicopters descend on September 17 to capture 700 wild horses and release 150 treated with some form of fertility control.

According to the Decision Record (DR) the BLM will be using various fertility control vaccines, I.U.D.s and will be placing transmission devices (collars, other) on selected wild horses. The DR targets a low-to-mid Appropriate Management Level (AML), or 190-390 left inside the HMA. At this time approved vaccines include: GonaCon-Equine, ZonaStat-H, and Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP-22).

This plan, approved August 18, will last for ten years. The next time any new analysis will be done will be in 2032.


Both the Calico Complex in NV and the Steens in Oregon will begin this weekend. At Calico BLM will target 1556 for capture (treating 40 with fertility control) and At the Steens 400 wild horses are targeted with treatment of 40 on schedule.

These last 3 roundups of the 2022 fiscal year will bring the total number of wild horses and burros captured to 23,841; another record year.

The schedule is still subject to change and addition. The fiscal year 2023 will begin October 1.

You can still take our “roundup survey” and see some of the fiscal year in helicopter roundups (so far) HERE. 

You can learn more about WHE’s fight against abuse (and how you can help) by clicking HERE.

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