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Triple B_ Day 40

The longest day of the longest roundup of the summer saw 207 (64 Stallions, 95 Mares, and 48 Foals) wild horses captured.

We know you want to see everything that happens to your wild horses; we are doing our best to give you comprehensive daily coverage in the marathon of a long roundup, in a very large wild place that is left on your public lands. We will do a comprehensive wrap-up that will include video we have not had time or space to publish once the operation ends.

BLM is now only 46 wild horses shy of the capture goal of 1900. This is the last target area in the complex, Newark Valley.

Above: A very poignant moment saw this young mare separated from her family during the run; they ran into the trap as she came over the rise. She called to them, they answered…. and then she rapidly continued down the draw away from trap.

Above: This little one is left behind as his family is trapped. He is brought in, the crew starts “moving ’em out” and it appears his head gets stuck between the panels. They push him back in and continue to run wild horses in and trailer them out.

Above: The flow of wild horses into the trap, onto the trailer, off the range and the return of empty trailers to be refilled, continued throughout the long day. We slow down the moment when a stallion sees his foal on the back of the trailer.

Above: As this band is driven in a newborn falls and is lost in the dust cloud. We can see him again after the dust clears.

At 8:40 a.m. the water truck came in and did “dust control.” It did not spray the area throughout the day that reached into the 90s and ended, with the last load leaving the range just before 5 p.m.

Our team is onsite again today for, what we expect, to be the last capture day of the Triple B roundup of 2022.

Totals to date: 1854 captured, 1616 shipped to off-limits to public view holding and 23 have died.

Our team has been onsite at Triple B every single day since day 1.

You can view team reports from 7/15-8/9 HERE.

From 8/10 and ongoing HERE. 

Help keep us in the field and in the fight.

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